The Buy Australian Properties Corporation client service charter is at the core of our company’s success. It demonstrates our cultural behaviours, how we, our Strategic & Preferred Partners and Accredited Suppliers will treat all our clients, what we will do and how we all will act in the organisation.

Our philosophy in business is simple – “Without our clients we don’t have a business”

  1. Trust and The Truth are our focus. At Buy Australian Properties we will:
    • Not lie to or mislead you.
    • Not betray your trust.
    • Always search for the truth in every situation.
    • Admit our mistakes, take responsibility and then fix them.
  2. Caring and Open Relationships with our clients is critical. At Buy Australian Properties we will:
    • Be fully transparent in all our dealings and actions.
    • Build a solid relationship based on trust with you.
    • Listen to what you are saying and respond accordingly.
    • Always care more about you than money.
    • Treat you like a human being, not a number.
  3. Professional Behaviour and Actions set the standards. At Buy Australian Properties we will:
    • Uphold and display the highest level of integrity.
    • Act in a polite, respectful and courteous way.
    • Behave in a professional manner at all times.
    • Display and implement ethical behaviour patterns.
    • Talk to you like your family because you are part of ours.
  4. Privacy and Security are of paramount importance. At Buy Australian Properties we will:
    • Never supply access to our database to another company.
    • Continue to invest in the world’s best security & data measures.
    • Respect your privacy and personal space at all times.
    • Always keep all your personal information strictly confidential.
  5. Perfection with continued improvement is our goal. At Buy Australian Properties we will:
    • Always strive to improve our systems and procedures.
    • Believe that there is always a better way to do things.
    • Accept any constructive criticism and report it to Management.
    • Listen & learn from ideas from clients, team members and partners.
    • Welcome suggestions that will make the business a world class company.
  6. A Non-Pressure client engagement process is what we are all about. At Buy Australian Properties we will:
    • Not try to sell you anything, you only buy when you are ready.
    • Not pressure or apply traditional sales tactics.
    • Never close a sale by using tricks, words or deceitful actions.
    • Always focus on your needs, not the products.
    • Earn your respect and confidence by creating a comfortable environment.