We believe the Buy Australian Properties Corporations professional Strategic Partner program is the most rewarding in the property investment industry in Australia because of several reasons.

Here are just some of the benefits of being one of our professional Strategic Partners.

  1. Your client’s are treated with the respect they deserve.
  2. Your client’s experience, integrity, honesty and the truth.
  3. Your client’s are not sold products, they are helped through the property investment process.
  4. We care more about your client’s than money and this will never change.
  5. You are treated with the respect that qualified professionals deserve.
  6. You are rewarded generously for your client referrals through profit sharing.
  7. Our Franchisees own their BAPC business and you will see the difference.
  8. We focus solely on the client’s needs and best interests, not ours and not on the products.
  9. We don’t pressure your client’s into buying anything, they are always in full control.
  10. Your business will grow from highest quality referrals your client’s will give you.

Buy Australian Properties Corporation and our Franchisees are always looking for positive, pro-active professionals that are genuine and want to help their client’s achieve financial freedom through using residential property investing as part of their wealth creation strategy. Residential property investing is our passion and if you believe your client’s can benefit from associating themselves with a professional company that has integrity then maybe we can work together to help them.

If you are a qualified professional operating in any of the below fields we would welcome the opportunity to talk to you and explain how our Strategic Partner program works:

Financial Planners
Accountants or CPA
Mortgage or Finance Brokers
Lawyers or Solicitors
Real Estate Agents
Insurance Agents
Bank Managers
Migration Agents
Human Resource Managers
Business Brokers
Property Managers

We only have a limited number of Strategic Partner opportunities around Australia available due to very stringent Franchise model we operate so if you would like to be rewarded for referring your client’s to a company that values “Your clients more than money” then contact us today to arrange a time to meet and discuss how we can help grow your business and look after your clients at the same time.