At Buy Australian Properties we wanted to do something very different and unique in the property investment industry in Australia, something that has never been done before, so we did and we created a true client focused company.

Our sole aim was to simplify and dramatically improve the property investment process for all our client’s without compromising the highest level of relevant and correct information, the integrity used in delivering it and the quality of products and independent services so that all our clients are comfortable with and trust Buy Australian Properties right from the very start. Each and every client who experiences our unique way of doing business is individually qualified for security and their peace of mind, assessed for their current needs and circumstance, then provided with a duty of care unseen before in the property investment industry in this country as we wanted to make sure it’s safe for you to invest in residential property.

We don’t want you overwhelmed or stressed out with false, deceptive and misleading information that ends up confusing and scaring you, increasing the risk of you making the wrong decision. We don’t want you to feel pressured in any way into making any decision you are not comfortable with either. We don’t want you to feel like you have been sold something by a typical sales person.

Buy Australian Properties has created a simple yet very effective 4 step client engagement process incorporating proven systems and procedures designed to produce outstanding results and highly satisfied clients every time we use them.

You will experience that “Investing with Integrity” feeling every time you go through our unique 4 step process with us, that’s our guarantee to you.

Step 1:

The first step is to meet with a qualified Buy Australian Properties Franchisee to have an initial one on one informal chat. This initial meeting is very different to what you would normally expect when speaking to a sales consultant for a typical property investment company so don’t be alarmed, it’s all good and you will be pleasantly surprised.

We will explain in full detail at this first meeting what happens in the BAP unique 4 step process as transparency is vital in building a healthy long term relationship based on trust.

Step 2:

The second step you will meet some more professional Buy Australian Properties “Preferred Partners & Advisors” to make sure it’s right for you to invest in the Australian residential property market.

Throughout the 4 steps there is never any pressure because we want you to feel relaxed, comfortable and in full control at every stage, experiencing that “Investing with Integrity” feeling.

Step 3:

The third step is an exciting one for many reasons because you are now educated, well informed and qualified to make a good decision about the risks & advantages of investing in the Australian residential property market. You will be 100% confident and ready to move forward (only if you want to) after this meeting is completed with a Buy Australian Properties Franchisee.

Step 4:

The fourth and final step is one of the most important steps in understanding our ethical business model and how we “Care more about you than money”. You will meet again with another one of the Buy Australian Properties “Preferred Partners & Advisors” and have all your questions answered about what you are about to do if you purchase your brand new property investment that Buy Australian Properties has helped you with.

It’s a rewarding, pleasantly refreshing and exciting experience when you deal with us because we don’t just Talk the Talk, we actually Walk the Walk. It’s guaranteed to give you that:

“Investing with Integrity” feeling.