Buy Australian Properties Corporation is a full service company with a noticeable difference compared to the other property investment marketing companies that operate in Australia. One of the things that sets us apart is that we only recommend to our clients approved and accredited Preferred Partners to help them with their property investment purchases. These carefully selected and qualified professionals are completely independent from us so their information and advice they provide our clients with has not been compromised, influenced or corrupted by these professionals working directly for our company.

Also, we refuse to take any kickbacks, rebates, secret commissions, trails or payments from any of our independent professional Preferred Partners as we strongly believe that they should be paid for providing you outstanding service and quality advice if they do their job correctly. We should not ask them for some of their income by requesting or demanding kickbacks as this will inevitably produce a lower class of service to our valued clients, which is unacceptable to us.

Transparency and honesty are critical in keeping your ethics and integrity alive in business.

We will ensure that all our clients receive the best up to date advice, an outstanding level of service, quality investment products and sound recommendations from reputable qualified professionals around Australia.

We can provide you with all the service providers required to achieve that “Investing with Integrity” feeling or if you choose you can use your own providers as we don’t force any client into using ours. Now that’s true service and being truly client focused!

Please feel free to ask your local Franchisee the contact details of your nearest Preferred Partner if you need one.