Buy Australian Properties Corporation has built up a solid reputation of success with quality builders and developers around Australia since it started and as we consistently grow and expand our property investment business through our national Franchise network we will need more quality stock options to handle the high demand.

If you are a land developer, apartment, unit or townhouse developer or house builder that believes you have an exceptional product and want access to quality property investors through a property investment company that has a proven track record of success then we would like to hear from you.

Maybe we can provide you with some options, ideas and solutions within the property investment market we operate in that all the other property investment companies can’t offer you.

We guarantee not to make you promises that we can’t keep like most other property investment marketing companies do, it’s just not in our nature.

We promise to tell you straight up regarding any project you bring to us and if it gets approved by the company, our Franchisees will commit 100% effort and focus on creating a successful outcome for all of us involved.

Unfortunately a lot of the products put in front of us don’t meet our high level and demanding selection criteria so unfortunately we might have to decline them for a few reasons. However, this does not prevent us from creating a long term mutually profitable business association that could prosper in the future when the right stock is available.

If you would like to arrange a confidential meeting with our stock acquisitions manager then please email: