Buy Australian Properties Corporation has created one of the most rigorous and professional systems to select their investment properties that ensure we don’t accept or offer substandard stock options to our valued clients.

Every week we reject/refuse so many different stock options offered to us from Australia wide developers and builders because they don’t reach the satisfactory check points in our selection criteria process that we require for all our investment properties.

By raising and keeping the bar so high we can guarantee that all our clients will experience the “Investing with Integrity” feeling and experience peace of mind when doing business with us. It’s not about selling or flogging our clients some stock, it’s about caring for our clients and providing them quality products for future growth and security of their property portfolio.

Here are just some of the basic selection criteria’s we look at when selecting property investment stock.

  • Long term capital growth patterns
  • Long term rental yields
  • Vacancy rates data and reasons
  • Property investment sales ratios
  • Social area economic factors
  • Area product sales and types
  • Investment/Owner percentage ratios
  • Land/Block sizes and developer plans
  • Local infrastructure spending and time frames
  • Government’s future plans for spending
  • Future area growth with industry bodies
  • Building specifications quality
  • Employment opportunities factors

There are many more factors to consider when purchasing an investment property and at Buy Australian Properties Corporation we take care of all the research, data analysis and information gathering so you can consider your best option and make a decision you will not regret.