Once our property investment stock has been through our rigorous selection criteria process we then pass it through our property rating system procedure to obtain a product rating for each property. If the investment property you are looking at is not rated then maybe you should think again about whether to move forward and buy it because maybe it doesn’t stack up or maybe you can find a better one!

Buy Australian Properties Corporation investment stock is graded into either an “A” “AA” or “AAA” rating and if it doesn’t even reach the “A” grade level then we reject the product immediately. There is no reason why our clients should be purchasing “B” “C” or “D” grade product when there is plenty of superb quality “A” grade products on the market that provide value for money, growth and security as a property investment.

It’s all about “Investing with Integrity” at Buy Australian Properties Corporation and we want you to experience that feeling all the way through the investment property process. Right from the start when you first meet a Franchisee through to the end when your tenants move into your brand new investment property we guarantee to listen to your needs.

When our qualified Franchisee meets with you they will discuss and explain in full detail how we rate all our investment properties, answer any questions you might have and provide you with any information you require.