Buy Australian Properties Corporation was established because of the critical need in Australia for an honest, ethical and professional property investment company that is solely client focused and always puts the client and their needs first, every time, without compromising the highest levels of integrity required in business to operate successfully.

We know and understand there is a much better way to run, organize and operate an Australia wide property investment company and that’s what we set out to create and have successfully achieved. We are now Australia’s first Franchised property investment company leading the industry with safe, secure and proven ways of investing in residential property with integrity.

Our philosophy and approach is simple yet highly effective, we research the Australian property investment market & opportunities intensely, select only the highest quality products and accredited suppliers, create a valuable trust based relationship with national strategic & alliance partners then implement our proven systems and procedures required for success. Focusing individual attention on all our client’s needs, by listening to what they really want, is also critically important to producing an outstanding result and satisfied clients.

This approach has created a far better way to investing in the Australian residential property market.

Our company motto is very clear, precise and non-negotiable:

“Investing with Integrity”

And that’s what you will receive when you partner with us. We care more about our client’s than money and this will never change!

Here is a little bit more about what we believe in and how we operate:

  1. Outstanding: We are a highly committed team of passionate people that consistently strive to obtain outstanding results in everything we do. We believe that outstanding results are the foundation on which all great things are built and we always try to surpass our client’s expectations every time, not just met their expectations.
  2. Our Integrity: We value the highest level of integrity in our business and personal lives above all else in everything we do on a daily basis. Integrity is living in everything we say, do and promise, therefore we guarantee not to let you down.
  3. Balance: Balance is the number one key to a happy life, without it you will not succeed in anything you do. We believe that balance and time are very precious assets in life and our work is not our master, it’s just part of our lives that we enjoy. We encourage and respect the balance of all our team members and our client’s lives as well.
  4. Responsibility: We believe in acting responsibly in how we deal with and treat everyone we met, always considering their needs first at all times. We understand the weight and responsibility placed upon us by our valued clients and will always endeavour to act accordingly and in a responsible manner.
  5. Communication: Excellent communication is paramount to our company’s success and the satisfaction of our clients, our team members and suppliers depend on this. All our team members and Franchisees will utilise various forms and methods of advanced communication to enhance your experience when dealing with us. We believe in telling you what you need to hear, not what you might want to hear so that you receive the truth, not just sales spiels.
  6. Fun: It’s simple – Business should be and is FUN at Buy Australian Properties Corporation. You should enjoy it, we should enjoy it and it should be a pleasure to do business together so that’s our mission. You must LOVE what you do to be good at it and we honestly do love our work, our client’s and our company.
  7. Teamwork: T.E.A.M. equals “Together Everyone Achieves More” and our business is run by our entire team, and it succeeds with our entire team, it also conquers with our entire team and is respected by our entire team. We believe that no business can ever be built by one person. Everyone must be part of our T.E.A.M or failure is near.
  8. Systems: Our systems & procedures allow us to ensure constant outstanding results for you and our suppliers, while giving us the flexibility to adjust to your needs very quickly. We will always follow the appropriate system or procedure so we provide you with a pain free property investment experience.
  9. Faith & Belief: Our faith and belief is our driving force and gives us the freedom to live a life of abundance, prosperity, strength and exceeding joy. Walking each day with a purpose higher than ourselves is what we stand for.
  10. Attitude: Our attitude is the essence of everything in life. We have a “win – win – win” philosophy and we choose to view everything in a positive light, even mistakes! We all understand that our: Attitude determines our Altitude”. It is a simple choice and we have made it.