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Everyone at Buy Australian Properties Corporation , the Directors, the team members and the Franchisee’s all believe in responsible corporate governance of our organization and investing back a considerable percentage of our company profits in the local communities around Australia.

We have always believed strongly in giving, helping, caring and loving those in need so it was inevitable that one day we would proudly launch:

The Buy Australian Properties Corporation Foundation

BAPC Foundation Logo

The idea behind the BAPC foundation was created in July 2014 by the founder of the company with the idea, enthusiasm and passion to start building brand new family homes around Australia in local communities to help those in need. We are going to accommodate homeless people, disadvantaged people, runaway teenagers without a safe home environment because of violence, mentally unstable or ill people in need of assistance, sick people with no family members to take care of them, mothers and children without a safe home environment, abused men and woman of domestic violence, divorced families presently suffering and of course sometimes just the people who are down and out on their luck and need a place to stay for a while.

We are now discussing the structure and concept with our legal, accounting and consulting team to finalise the set up, then we will be working closely with our national builders and developers to purchase land and construct brand new homes at cost price rates (without any company profits at all) so that we can offer those in need a home for a night, a week or a month absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

Together in partnership with local churches and non-profit organization we will be able to fill up these homes and provide those in need a place of warmth, security and comfort in their time of need.

Year after year as we grow the Buy Australian Properties Franchise network across Australia the BAPC Foundation hopes to build hundreds (if not thousands) of family homes that will literally help tens of thousands of Australians each year in their most difficult time of need by giving them a roof over their head.

Together, we all can change the world, one day at a time and Australia is now the focus of the founder, David Pascoe’s charity and contribution mission in life after spending the last 10 years focussed on helping others overseas in countries likes India, Thailand, Burma, Mozambique, Kenya and Philippines. So please join us if you feel the need to help change the lives of others and contribute to a greater cause as we would love to partner with you in any way possible.

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