Buy Australian Properties

Buy Australian Properties Corporation is the first property investment company in Australia to successfully fully Franchise its business operations. After nearly 5 years of working in the property investment  industry  the founder decided that the unique client engagement systems and procedures that he had created needed to be duplicated across Australian so all property investors could experience that “Investing with Integrity” feeling. We believe that the property investment industry needs to change dramatically and focus on what’s truly important, you, the client and not products and commissions like so many other companies do.  Please read our mission and vision statements to see what we are really all about.

Wealth Creation Solutions

Property investment and client solutions are our true passion and we love helping people find the correct investment property if it’s right for you to invest. We believe that residential property investing should only be part of your total wealth creation plan and NOT all of it like most property investment marketing companies recommend – If somebody says the best plan for you is to buy 10 properties in 10 years before even talking or meeting  you then be real careful, in fact you should probably run because they have shown their intent already!

Buy Australian Properties Corporation is a client focused  company that researches quality property investments, collecting all the relevant information, analysing the critical data, engaging with you in a safe & ethical manner, providing a conservative and long term approach to property investing and then providing you suitable solutions based on your current needs and wants. It’s not about selling you some piece of stock that we need to move or pushing you into buying something quickly!

Our Unique Approach

Our approach at Buy Australian Properties Corporation is completely different from all the other property investment marketing companies because “We care more about our clients than money”. Our aim is not to sell you anything, it’s to serve you in the most professional and ethical way possible by being a solely client focused company. We believe in honesty, transparency, trust, respect, ethics and qualified independent advice so that all our clients receive the “Investing with Integrity” feeling at all times when you deal with us.

At first our non-pressurised low key approach may startle or stun you in some cases because everyone is used to being pushed, pulled, bullied, sold to, hassled, followed up and all the standard  typical linear type sales approaches out there. If you want to experience the BAP difference, then give us a call we are ready to serve you.