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Invest in property with a suitable plan

Choosing to invest in property is a decision that should not be taken lightly and requires a lot of prior thought and planning. The process in itself is life changing for most new investors and can completely change how you live your life. Owning an investment property has many benefits and can improve your wealth […]

The 5 Major Drivers of Property Prices

If you joined the real estate bandwagon to grow your wealth, it is crucial that you understand the drivers of property value. Instead of just concentrating on your chosen home’s functionality and accommodation, take a look at it as an investment and get know the factors that will influence its performance. So for starters, here […]

Understanding the Property Cycle – 3 Steps to Knowing When to Invest in Australian Property

Planning to invest in an Australian property? One factor that plays a key role to your success is market timing, which when combined with a well thought-out, long-term strategy, sets you right into achieving your investment dreams. The following are three techniques that will help you understand the property cycle and help you determine when […]

3 Tips for New Property Investors

If there is one asset you should be putting your money in, it should be property. “But I don’t have any experience and have little knowledge about the real estate market!” Well, every investor started exactly where you are now—with no experience, afraid about buying the wrong property and making a wrong move. With that […]