Property Investment Market in Brisbane – What’s Happening Now?

Brisbane has yet to match the big improvements happening in Sydney. In fact, there is a staggering difference between the two markets in terms of house prices despite the fact that both have growing populations to fuel housing demand, range of property types, and waterfront homes. A report from RP Data noted up to 60% price difference between the investment property markets of Brisbane and Sydney, with the former’s median only at $480,000 and the latter’s at $765,000. Despite this though, investors are hopeful that this slow growth is only temporary. Recent rises in the homes being sold and the number of auctions happening suggests that there is an increasing buyer’s interest. So, while property prices are still within reasonable range, make a property investment in Brisbane now!


Here’s an overview of what is happening in the city’s real estate market today.


Where are the best locations for investment?


All areas of Brisbane will do well from improved infrastructure, but some suburbs are expected to become a hotspot. The following are some of those potential hotspots and the infrastructural developments that will help drive Brisbane real estate prices up.


  • Brisbane City and Spring Hill, which will both benefit from the Underground Bus Loop.
  • Woolloongabba and Dutton Park where the proposed BaT Tunnel will be located.
  • Toowong, St. Lucia, and Indooroopilly, where the Legacy Way tunnel will pass through.


What types of houses are good for investment?


With the city’s ageing population, residences with well thought-out floor plan, have style and possess genuine character will be in demand in low-density locations. Townhouses with one to three bedrooms will also be popular. There’s also an expected demand for apartments as Australia’s household size is decreasing with many young professionals choosing to live alone.


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