Do I need a real estate licence or formal qualifications to be a BAP Franchisee?

No real estate licence is required to join the business initially. As you (the Franchisee) do not give real estate advice, financial advice, or investment advice. The property investment industry is not regulated – therefore no licences are even available. Buy Australian Properties are committed to personal development programs and once you have joined the group then you are required to obtain your real estate license.

BAP encourages Franchisees to commit to improving their own personal development to ensure that their knowledge of the property and investment industry is at a component level when engaging with professionals and Clients’.

What sort of hours will a Franchisee need to work?

To ensure a good steady income, maximise the potential earning potential within your PMA and to provide a level of outstanding service to your Clients’ it is expected that a Franchisee should be prepared to work a minimum of eight hours per day, five days per week; however, flexibility is important and Franchisees should be prepared to work with customers and Clients’ within reasonable start and finish times on a day to day basis. BAP also recommends that Franchisees set aside time each week to develop their own client base, build and market their own business brand and continue with their own personal development.

How much can a Franchisee reasonably expect to earn?

Every individual Franchise is affected by a significant number of variables that impact the profitability of their investment. As a result, we cannot give an accurate indication of what profit you can expect from the operation of your Buy Australian Properties Franchise.

Once you’ve made an enquiry and we have received your Application Form, you will be able discuss historical introduction fees received by the founder of Buy Australian Properties in previously operating a similar business model under a different entity.

Buy Australian Properties will provide you with a financial modelling tool to help you with your business plan. After your completion of the financial modeller and further discussion with your accountant, your individual earning potential will become clearer.

There are no limits to your income potential.

What sort of materials are available?

There a range of materials available for use by Franchisees including product information brochures, flyers and brochures, educational kits and additional materials are available on request from the BAP Franchise Support Office.

Do you offer territories?

Yes, we believe in having a territory (or Promotional Marketing Area as we prefer to call them) that our Franchisees can build a tangible asset for their future. BAP Promotional Marketing Areas have been determined using Australian Bureau of Statistics business data. All of our Promotional Marketing Areas are of substantial size to allow our Franchisees to grow the business locally and engage additional staff.

As part of the local area marketing toolkit each Franchisee is provided with a comprehensive list of Strategic Partner business links within their designated Promotional Marketing Area and the Buy Australian Properties support team are always on hand to assist with ongoing sales and marketing support strategies.

Can a Franchisee expand their business?

Yes, Buy Australian Properties Franchisees can grow the business within a Promotional Marketing Area by engaging additional staff for client service engagement and servicing additional Strategic Partners and Clients’.

What supports does Buy Australian Properties provide for its Franchisees?

Buy Australian Properties has established systems and processes to assist its Franchisees. By handling the back end work with builders and developers and administration our Franchisees are free to work on the more important aspects of the business i.e. prospecting and servicing strategic Clients’ and growing their own client base locally.

After being granted your Franchise business, you will receive a comprehensive 10-day induction program which will include 5 days at the National Support Office and 5 days’ infield training in your own Promotional Marketing Area.

You will be initially allocated with an amount of Buy Australian Properties branded marketing materials to help promote your Franchise business within your own Promotional Marketing Area.

All Franchisees receive a weekly phone call from our Franchise Support Office offering help and support and seeking Franchisee feedback on where Buy Australian Properties can offer its Franchisees assistance.

Buy Australian Properties also conducts business summits for its Franchisees to help support personal development initiatives and to provide its Franchisees with ongoing communication, coaching and education.

Franchisees are provided with access to Local Area Marketing / visual standards guide, a Complete Management System, Information Technology, Human Resources and Business Operation Manuals.

What are Buy Australian Properties looking for in a Franchisee?

Individuals committed to working with integrity, who have passion, enthusiasm and genuine interest in the property.

We welcome team orientated professional individuals that are committed to the highest level of customer service, loyalty to BAP and its Clients’, customers and all associated stakeholders.

If you would like to be a part of a property investment business that is driven by the needs of its Clients’, then we look forward to hearing from you.