There are many investment opportunities available for locals and foreigners alike in Australia. Real estate is the number one. It has been a route to wealth for many people. Aussies love the idea of buying their dream home in the sun, spending some holidays there, and then converting it into a cash cow in their old age. Some others purchase property for investment reasons alone, flipping and selling it at a higher price or turning it into a source of rental income.


Why are they buying properties and why should you follow suit?


Australia boasts a landmass equal to that of America, but has only a tenth of the latter’s population. This leaves large areas of lands available for development. In addition, multiple unit development projects, as well as family homes, rural properties and commercial development, are on the planning stages. The government is also opening its doors to offshore property investors who passed the Federal Investment Board Review, which is not difficult to pass. All of these set the country’s investment property market for growth in the years to come.


Another reason that makes Australia’s property market attractive is that since the 1987 real estate crash, property values in the country have continuously soared, providing higher returns than many other assets. The growth averages at 7% per year during the last 40 years, ensuring protection of investors against inflation. This leverage only means one thing, phenomenal return on investment after 7 to 10 years.


Then there is also Australia’s increasing population and declining household size, which is expected to generate demands for housing, particularly an additional of 620,000 households, before 2030. This increased in demand will drive prices up as well as open up lots of opportunities for income expansion through property rentals or leases.


How to Get Started

 Without the right information, knowledge and skills, investing in Australian properties can be a bane to your finances instead of boon. Thankfully, you don’t have to do it alone. You have us behind your back here at Buy Australian Properties (BAP). We were established because of the critical need for ethical and professional property consulting company where the client’s needs come first. We have helped hundreds of Australians, as well as foreign investors, buy their dream property in the country. And we are proud to be Australia’s leading franchised investment company today who have successfully put integrity back to investing.


We have hundreds of BAP property consultant partners spread across the country ready to assist you with your needs. We can provide you a range of investment options, solutions, strategies, advice, property management services, financing and accounting solutions, and many others.


Just give us a call and for a scheduled chat with one of our qualified BAP Franchisees and a meet up with our associates or preferred partners. These meetings will give you information about the risks and advantages of investing in Australian properties, ensuring that you are 100% confident and ready to buy your dream home or investment property.