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Property investor of the year

Do you every think to yourself … wow … I really thought I’d own a property by now?

Do you worry that you have missed the bus when it comes to getting into the property market?

Are you stressing and asking questions like where do I even start?

Well… you’re not alone, there are millions of young Australians who dream of owning property, perhaps you live in Sydney, earn a great income but just can’t find value for money locally. Or you have been saving a deposit but feel like you’re getting nowhere.

I’m Paul Smith from Buy Australian Properties and I’m here to show you exactly how to get into a brand-new property sooner than you thought possible.

The truth is unless you are earning an extremely high income, you can’t out- save the property market, if you save for 6 months to a year you can almost guarantee that property prices will have gone up 50-100 thousand in the same time frame.

I’m here to tell you the only way to break the cycle is to get into the market as early as possible so that your money is working for you, and you start to build equity.

I know you are probably thinking “I’ve tried and I can’t get into the market so how do I get my money working for me“

Well maybe you’re just looking at things from a one sided or an outdated view point and not understanding how to use the current market upswings in certain locations outside of where you live to your advantage.

Property can be affordable if you know where to look and have the right team to get you there.

I started my property investing journey in 2007 and bought my first property for 330k.

My wife and I continued to build a sizeable portfolio over the past 15 years across 3 states and have been fortunate enough to use our investments to pay off our own home and also be in a position to help out parents instead of needing them to help us.

I can tell you it wasn’t all smooth sailing we made some poor uninformed decisions at first where we had been pressured by sales people and lied to by so called experts and if not corrected could have been disastrous and we have also made some great decisions that were grounded in logic and not emotionally driven that have set us up for long term success.

I’m not telling you this to brag or impress you, I’m telling you this because I know how it feels to not know how to get started, to not have any solid trustworthy contacts in the industry and I know how over whelming is it when everyone has different options and you don’t know who you can trust.

That’s why I love doing what I do, I get to help people, both young and old who are in the same rut I was in , I get to guide them through all the educational and buying processes and then hold their hand all the way to through to entire build process right up to when they get keys to their brand new property.

Seeing my clients succeed is what drives me!

Most people right now are really worried that they will never get into the market and now that we are seeing interest rates increase it seems like another kick in teeth right?

Have you ever considered you might have the wrong strategy and the wrong mindset about property?

Couple Investment

I can tell you from experience, success in the property market is 80 percent mindset and 20 percent strategy.

You could have the best strategy but if you don’t believe you can get there then I’m sorry to say you are probably right, but that can flipped on its head instantly with a simple shift of mindset and by developing the same skills and knowledge professional property investors use to grow their wealth.

At Buy Australian properties I’m going to give you both the strategy and mindset to crush your limiting beliefs about the property market and use the current market climate to get you into your first home or investment property quicker than you ever thought possible using safe, proven, effective tools that will take your financial life to the next level.

Book your free 15 min phone chat with me by clicking the link below to explore what is possible and to find out if you are eligible for a free 1 hour strategy session valued at $350 and a free copy of our best selling book “property investments , Scams Exposed!

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My name is Monique and I’m 23 years old. I have been with my boyfriend Alessandro (25 years old) for 5 years. My boyfriend and I were always keen on getting into the property market and have always been ones to work hard and save our money for our future. Working for myself as a business owner has come with struggles financially, especially when it comes to the banks and getting a loan. This was always a concern for me, but I knew my partner Alessandro and I would save up enough and eventually get there.

The booming property market in Sydney became concerning for us when we quickly realised maybe investing in our first home in the current property boom wasn’t the best idea and quickly panicked as we realised our dreams of buying our first home was a little out of reach. This is when we decided to speak to Paul from Buy Australian Properties. Paul helped us navigate through our wants and needs and our goals as a couple. He quickly realised how as a 23 and 25-year old we were super keen to get into the market, and quickly. This is when Paul mentioned the idea of investing interstate, at first, we were hesitant and my first thought was, “why on earth would I invest my savings into a home that I wasn’t even going to live in!”. The anxiety of putting our hard-worked savings into a house interstate was quickly diminished when Paul stepped us through the process and ran through the options with us in addition to our broker at the time. We quickly realised a10-20% deposit for a house in QLD was not out of reach and would one day serve as equity to purchase our dream home in Sydney when we were ready to move out of home and start our life together.

We always loved the idea of Queensland and knew it was our calling. Everything felt right and we knew when Paul showed us some house and land options, we needed to jump in headfirst and go for it, with no hesitations and no regrets….over a year later I’m so glad we took this leap. Our property in Queensland has been the best decision we have made with our money since dating over 5 years ago and has already given us more than $200,000 worth of equity for our next home! By speaking to Buy Australian properties they were able to guide us safely into a fantastic property in logan reserve that gave us instant equity and has now become a cash flow positive asset that will help us achieve our goals of buying a home in Sydney, and we couldn’t be happier. The experience with BAP was smooth and we were reassured along the way. We didn’t just feel like another one of those couples, they cared about us and our journey and that was super important for us. If you want to invest or just enter the Australian property market, look no further than BAP.

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