Successful investment strategies for residential properties in Australia require competent due diligence, risk analysis, thorough research and planning so you can be comfortable about your choice and make confident decisions with complete peace of mind. As a secure wealth creation tool, investing in residential property may provide you with long term financial freedom and security in life, however qualified plans and advice is very important. All our recommended financial planners, mortgage & insurance brokers, lawyers, accountants and business advisers will always recommend that you and your family develop a wealth creation plan and follow it, step-by-step until your planned outcomes have been realised.

We believe the old saying of “Failing to plan is planning to fail” is 100% correct”. Unfortunately about 75% of Australians end up broke, retiring on less than $ 20,000 per year and this is generally caused by failing to develop a long-term financial plan with qualified independent advisors. There is NO guaranteed way of making money while investing in property so be careful of people or companies that say this because generally they have their interests first, not yours.

At Buy Australian Properties we strongly recommend that before any of our clients invest in residential property they seek independent financial advice from an experienced professional financial planner, accountant, lawyer and mortgage broker. Professional and careful planning and advice can make all the difference to the final outcome in your life at retirement age.

Please note that all Preferred Advisors that Buy Australian Properties recommend to you are completely independent of our company and we will NEVER receive any financial benefit or remuneration from them, assuring you of that “ Investing with Integrity” feeling always.