The Buy Australian Properties Corporation team of independently owned Franchisees around Australia had joined the business for many different reasons, however  the main reason is for what we stand for. We all believe that property investment industry in this country needs to change dramatically and be operated by companies & people who care and are solely focused on the clients needs, not just product sales.  Investing in residential property in Australia can be a very effective way to increase your wealth, only if you deal with the right people.

Our dedicated team of professionals at the National Support Office have been involved in multiple  businesses, direct property investments (residential & commercial) , the property development and building sectors,  property supplies, sales & marketing and with over 65 years of combined experience,  we have successfully operated in the South Australian, Queensland and Victorian property investment markets in various capacities, so experience is second nature to us. The Buy Australian Properties Corporation founder also has vast experience in overseas property investing in multiple countries spanning over the last 15 years.

Diversity is key and we source our investment property products from local, multi-national and international property developers & builders with solid reputations that are nothing but outstanding. We carefully consider and check all our suppliers & affiliates experience, past & future projects, recommendations, testimonials and quality control before we accept any products or referrals from them. Every week we conduct product reviews, market updates and management meetings to assess what changes we need to make so that we are leading the field in the investment property industry.